Co-founder of Castlemine Farm and one of the people who helped create the Larder 360 concept. Tries not to get in the way to much.

Business Creator

Having the vision that Irish farms need to work different, in 2008 Brendan setup (with my brother Derek) Castlemine Farm an agri-food business. They innovated on the business model that farms are traditional are tied into and develop alternative channels for the farm produce to be sold through at higher values.

Castlemine Farm has become a premium food brand in the west of Ireland and continues to grow year on year. For Brendan setting up this business was his equivalent of an MBA, he has acquired extensive experience in the start up environment. The key to survival in business during a recession were simple: passion - resilience - hard work. After 7 years now the Castlemine business has a strong foundation and is now preparing to scale.

In recent times Castlemine has merged with Kinvara Smoked Salmon to create Food 360. As well as owning the running the well known Kinvara and Castlemine brands Food 360 offers a range of services to Food SMEs including: Logistics, sales and brand representation, business mentoring and shared economic approaches to food business scaling.

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