Gannet Monk Fish...

Gannet Monk Fish...

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  • Gannet Monk Fish – 200g
  • All our Monkfish fillets are “100% Bone-Free”.
  • Flavour: Mild
  • Texture: Firm & Meaty
  • Origin: Galway & Aran Islands fishing grounds or Deep Sea on the Porcupine Banks, Trawl caught.
  • Cook It: Roast, Bake, Poach, Stir fry, Cook in a Stew
  • Storage: In your fridge 2 to 3 days. Suitable for home freezing

Product Description

Gannet Fish Mongers - Monk Fish

Caught off the west coast of Ireland this is a beautiful fish that has come of age in recent years.

  • Weight: 200 g
  • Price €27.00/kg
  • Portions: 1 person
  • Shelf life: 5 days

Larder360 Recommends

  • As monkfish has robust flesh and a subtle taste, it can stand up to relatively strong flavours such as Parma ham and red wine.
  • Both red and white wines can work well, however very light whites are best avoided as they may be over-powered if the fish has been roasted or grilled.
  • Full-bodied reds may also prove to be a bit much, even for monkfish. If you stick to these rules, the trick then is to match the wine to the other flavours in the dish.

About Gannet Fish Mongers

GANNET: Ireland’s largest native sea bird. From their established colonies, they travel hundreds of miles along our coasts in search of the best fishing grounds.

FISHMONGERS: are the talented and professional people on our team. It takes serious motivation and dedication to be in this job for so many years. The fish trade is not for everyone.

From our beginnings, 10 years ago, @ the Galway Saturday market, Gannet Fishmongers has grown to become one of the most respected fish businesses in Ireland. We supply the finest seafood to thousands of households and to the best restaurants along the Wild Atlantic Way.

The quality of our catch, our expertise and the enjoyment the Gannet team puts into their work has earned us the business, respect and friendship of many chefs and other fish predators.

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    Fantastic and delicous

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    Beautiful as always

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