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Friendly Farmer Chicken...

Friendly Farmer Chicken...


Friendly farmer – Chicken liver 500g

  • Chicken liver is a super food & quick and easy to prepare.
  • Chicken liver pate can be a real treat.
  • Chicken liver enhances the taste of both simple and gourmet dishes.
  • Pop some in a Spaghetti Bolognese dish to give the family an easy super food.
  • A very popular item at our pop up farm shop.

Product Description

Friendly farmer - Chicken liver 500g

  • Pack size: 500g
  • Portion: liver: 500g
  • Pack price: €4.50

About The Friendly Farmer

  • “Our ethos is based around farming with traditional breeds, slow-maturing animals and selling our produce locally... making sure our chickens, ducks, geese and turkeys go outside and eat fresh grass as part of their daily diet.” The Friendly Farmer
  • ‘Knowing the bird comes straight from the farm……Larder360 makes it so easy to eat succulent, tasty Irish chicken’ Geraldine Heavey.
  • "The best tasting chicken I have ever eaten.  We use it in all our restaurants. Straight from the farm to our kitchens.” JP McMahon.

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Chicken Liver



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