Castlemine Farm Lamb...

Castlemine Farm Lamb...


  • Castlemine Farm – Lamb Mince – 50og
  • Taken from the shoulder our lamb mince is full flavoured with sweet meat and just the right amount of fat content for a healthy flavoursome mince.
  • Freshly minced lamb from lean cuts is a versatile meat that offers plenty of scope for a mid week meal. Ideal for burgers,meatballs etc.
  • Soft and tender, with a sweet flavour, lamb mince makes a change from the usual beef.

Product Description

Castlemine Farm - Lamb Mince

Product Description


High quality shoulder of lamb minced for a very versatile ingredient.

  • Pack size:  500g
  • Pack Price:  €4.99
  • Price/kg: €9.99

Larder360 Recommends

  • Lamb mince is particularly good for meatballs, burgers and other patties. It's popular in Middle Eastern recipes such as stuffed aubergine and koftas. Or use it in moussaka, shepherd’s pie or bolognese.
  • With your lamb mince, the very traditional options are an aged Bordeaux from France or mature Rioja from Spain. Red Bordeaux from the Médoc is usually blended from Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, and as it ages develops savoury flavours and soft textures.

About Castlemine Farm

Castlemine Farm has a long and rich heritage located in the heart of Roscommon. The Allen family have farmed the land since the 1820's when Castlemine Farm was in the hands of Walter (Wally) Allen. The farm was passed down through the generations and Sean Allen took over in the 1950’s and has been farming the land ever since.

He was always of the opinion that the grass fed to animals gives a sweeter taste especially in limestone regions such as Roscommon. The farm has now passed to the next generation and is now run by Sean’s sons Derek and Brendan Allen.


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