Diced Beef 500g

Diced Beef 500g


Delicious lean diced beef for the hearty stews and currys

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Castlemine Farm - Diced Beef

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Quality Angus and Hereford beef, grass fed and dry aged, giving a lean meat that’s perfect for stews, curries and casseroles. 

Pack size:  500g

Pack Price:  €6.25/each

Price/kg: €12.50/kg

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Season, then brown the beef - Season the beef with salt and pepper. Brown the beef in small batches. This will make your casserole rich in colour and flavour. Add vegetables and stock – onions, carrots and celery are a good combination - Dice the vegetables using roughly equal quantities of each.

Ensure the casserole simmers gently during cooking time.

With your diced beef, try red Pinot Noir, Malbec or a modern French red.

About Castlemine Farm

Castlemine Farm has a long and rich heritage located in the heart of Roscommon. The Allen family have farmed the land since the 1820's when Castlemine Farm was in the hands of Walter (Wally) Allen. The farm was passed down through the generations and Sean Allen took over in the 1950’s and has been farming the land ever since.

He was always of the opinion that the grass fed to animals gives a sweeter taste especially in limestone regions such as Roscommon. The farm has now passed to the next generation and is now run by Sean’s sons Derek and Brendan Allen.


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