Let's Grow Our Food Community Together


Let's share the rewards together

As you refer family - friends - work colleagues your rewards will grow.

Achieve 10 orders dropped to you and your colleagues and receive free gift up to €5 for all (rewards €50 for the group)

Achieve 25+ orders dropped to you and your colleagues and receive 50% delivery plus a free gift for all (Value €175+ for the group)



Working together to grow our food community with everyone sharing in the rewards. Your local producers appreciate all your support.

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Bill Organ

Your Producers  Appreciate The Support

derek and brendan

Thank you from Brendan & Derek Allen

As local producers both Declan and Brendan faced the same challenges as their peers working in the current food supply system. The current food system only benefits the distributors and large super market chains who are solely driven on profit margin - not quality of product delivered to the local consumer.

They knew there was an opportunity for change - local consumers want the best fresh produce available at competitive prices - local producers want a closer connection to their consumers and to be fairly compensated for their products.  So after 7 years of research and development they created Larder360 using the latest technology to advance the current food system and complete the local consumer - producer connection.

friednly farmerbio

Thanks for all the support Ronan Byrne

In every local community our goal is to build a sustainable food platform providing value for everyone - building local food hubs with local produce reduces the amount of transport time and handling ensuring the food you receive is fresh. Less transport reduces unnecessary carbon and other emissions to the environment - providing a greener community.