McCambridges of Galway

For nearly 100 years we have been sourcing and supplying only the best local and international produce.

1920 – 1940

1922 – George McCambridge worked for James McGlade and Co., a wholesale wine and mccambridgeownersspirit merchant in Belfast.

March 1922 – George McCambridge got the job of manager of Powell’s, the Four Corners in Shop Street, Galway. 3rd July 1925 – George McCambridge in partnership with Mr. Brennan opened McCambridge, Brennan and Co as a “high class grocery, provision, wine and spirit establishment” at 38 Shop Street Galway. 1930’s – George bought out Mr. Brennan and the shop was changed to McCambridge’s Ltd.1934/35 – George’s younger brother Malachy came to work for George. 1939 – The whole premise was renovated.

1950 – 1980

1950 – George’s son Pat joined the business. 1952 – George decided to close the bar but they continued to deal in spirits and some wine. 1955 – George bought the premise outright from Mrs Denise Draw. 1969 – The shop underwent a major renovation. 1972 – The shop underwent another major renovation to modernise the premises. 1972 – McCambridges opened the first off-licence in Galway.

1980 – 2000

1981 – Part of the premises in Bowling Green was bought and used as a store. 1986 – Pat’s son Eoin joined the business. 1989 – The rest of the premises in Bowling Green was bought and the wholesale business moved there. Late 1980’s – Eoin computerised the wholesale business. 1996 – Natalie, Pat’s youngest daughter started the gift hamper business. 1997 – Norma Pat’s daughter came to work in the business to help continue to modernise the technology. 1998 – A major upgrade of the premises was carried out in 1998. 1998 – The made-to-order sandwich bar and the salad bar was added. 1999 – The retail business was fully computerised.

2000 – Today

2000 – McCambridge’s launched their first website. 2002 – Natalie returned to run the off-license. 2008 – Tills and IT systems were upgraded. 2010 – The kitchen was upgraded, adding a hot food counter and outdoor seating. June 2012 – Upstairs at McCambridge’s opened.

Why we like Larder360

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