What’s for Pudding

What's for Pudding

“Dessert was always ‘pudding’ in our house. My mother was a great cook and there was always ‘something nice’ in the house for visitors. I recall that as a child whenever I was called in for dinner, my first question would be “What’s for Pudding?”WHATS FOR PUDDING

Catriona Flaherty (the mother) “Cooking is just what we do. I love seeing people enjoy what me make” Rory Flaherty (the son) “What’s for Pudding?’ based in Kilmessan, County Meath was established in 2014 by mother & son team Catriona & Rory Flaherty. Catriona grew up in Dublin, but her mother was from Belfast, where dessert was known as pudding. Inspired by memories of her childhood and the traditional ‘pudding’ style desserts popular back then, as well as her love of cooking, Catriona started up ‘What’s for Pudding?’ along with her son Rory.

The family love to cook and entertain, family gatherings or special occasions always center around the table with big dishes and platters of homemade food – and of course, desserts – so it just seemed the natural thing to do. All of the products are handmade and baked in small batches by Catriona & Rory in Meath with the same top quality ingredients they would use I their own home kitchen, which gives each and every product a rare homemade quality and flavour.

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