Castlemine Farm


Castlemine Farm has a long and rich heritage located in the heart of Roscommon. The Allen family have farmed the land since the 1820's when Castlemine Farm was in the hands of Walter (Wally) Allen. The farm was passed down through the generations and Sean Allen took over in the 1950’s and has been farming the land ever since.

He was always of the opinion that the grass fed to animals gives a sweeter taste especially in limestone regions such as Roscommon. The farm has now passed to the next generation and is now run by Sean’s sons Derek and Brendan Allen.

Castlemine Farm Today

They say that "Necessity is the mother of invention" and that certainly held true when the
recession hit and work for both Derek and Brendan quickly dried up.

They turned their attention back to the farm and quickly recognized that the product that they were producing was world class and the traditional approach of rearing and selling beef, lamb and pork to be sold to the factory and from there to the large supermarkets wasn’t work from them.

Derek and Brendan took ownership of their entire distribution and retail operations and take enormous pride in knowing that every single animal raised on the farm is butchered by their team of skilled butchers and can be sold knowing it is the best product it can possibly be.

We are members of Good Food Ireland and have won Bridgestone awards for 2010 and
2011. Our passion is producing and sourcing the best Ireland has to offer and taking control of the food chain that is embedded in our culture and traditions.

Why we like larder360

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Derek Allen
Castlemine Farms

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