Inca Allpa

We are a Peruvian Irish partnership based in the west of Ireland. In 2014, after living for incalogoten years in Peru, we made the decision to return to Ireland – kids in tow.  Armed with our knowledge of the Peruvian market, we decided to undertake this dream of introducing quality Andean products to the Irish and European markets.

We carefully source our products from the Peruvian Andes where small farmers continue to live off the Allpa (land) of their ancestors in a natural way, respecting the ancient traditions and cultures of their forefathers. The temperature and soil conditions at this altitude mean an absence of weeds and competing plants, giving the most natural product possible.

Healthy eating doesn’t have to be a complicated chore; it simply means choosing high quality nutritious foods which can be easily incorporated into your daily diet. And that’s where we come in. Here at Inca Allpa we import the highest quality natural & organic products from the Andes of Peru and package them here in Ireland, ready for you to enjoy. Simple. Natural. From Peru.

Why we like Larder360

Our products compliment the produce sourced for Larder360 consumers, we believe in working with other local producers to create quality artisan products. Working with Larder360 allows us to reach consumers all over the country.

Inca Allpa

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Local Healthy - Seeds - Grains Products from Inca Allpa