Anam Coffee

It's been an epic journey based on the love of coffee

I’m a self-confessed coffee geek. Growing up, we always drank coffee at home. I remember Anam-Coffee-Roastert-Brianplaying with a coffee percolator at a young age, fascinated by the aroma and the theatre of brewing.

At primary school, I even had the privilege of making coffee for a handful of teachers who trusted my ability to brew a great cup. That’s a long time ago and many cups of coffee later, my love of coffee has never diminished.

But it has evolved. I will never forget tasting my first Ethiopian heirloom brewed on a V60 pour-over in Melbourne in 2014. I never knew coffee could taste so sweet, so delicate and so floral. I was immediately hooked by the whole roasting process to produce such an amazing cup of coffee unlike anything I had ever tasted before. I’ve dedicated the last two years to learning more. It’s become a vocation to help showcase what coffee can really taste like.

I trained at The London School of Coffee under Morten Munchow, a chemist from the University of Copenhagen and Coffee Mind A/s. I’ve also taken barista training with Jeremy Challender from Prufrock Coffee in London, and more recently obtained the Intermediate Diploma in Barista Skills from the professional body Speciality Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE) in Riccione, Italy September 2015.

I also worked with Ida Kofod, from University of Copenhagen and Coffee Mind A/s and undertook sensory evaluation, so important to coffee roasters with the ability to blind taste and correctly identify flavour and aroma.

Coffee roasting has taken me all over the world, both in training, and in sourcing. I’m continually updating my own skills as a roaster, and I’m incredibly excited to finally launch my own range of coffee.

But I’m at my happiest at home in The Burren – together with my partner Alan and our hound Charley.

We work with specialty coffee merchants to source our beans

“A unique quality, a distinct taste and personality” is what differentiates speciality from commercial coffee according to the Speciality Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE).

The term speciality is applied to coffees that are fully traceable back to their origin, grown with care for the environment, and where the farmer has been paid substantially more to harvest his beans in a way that delivers unique flavours with great quality.

We work with merchants who share our ethos for quality and who demonstrate they are actively involved in projects at origin, safeguarding the future of speciality coffee beans.

These projects typically assist in sustainable methods of farming, sharing information with growers in an effort to improve coffee quality and in turn, improving grower’s living standards.

We receive samples regularly from speciality coffee merchants and we source our coffees seasonally, buying coffees that have been harvested in the last twelve months. Speciality coffee merchants help us to share the unique story of who grows our coffee, how it has been harvested and why it is so special.

Our Location

Our roastery is located in a remote valley in the heart of The Burren between the villages of Carron and Kilfenora.

The Burren is a GEOPARK and the region is located in Counties Clare and Galway, along Ireland’s mid-western Atlantic coast. Stretching over some 560 square km (216 sq. miles), it is composed mainly of exposed limestone reaching from sea level to a height of c. 300m At first glance, the Burren landscape can seem rather bleak. A cold landscape of grey limestone hills.

The Burren however to those of us who live here is anything but bleak. Patches of fertile soil burst with wild flowers and exhibit many beautiful colours to contrast against the grey landscape.

We picked grey as our signature colour. It signifies a sense of place. Where the roastery is located and the place we call home


Local Producers

Local Roasted Coffee from Anam Coffee