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Your Alternative Option For Sourcing Fresh Produce

As local producers we are looking to connect with our local consumers to make healthy eating a more simple and sustainable process. As consumers we all live busy lives and would like to commit to a healthy diet, however sourcing local produce takes time and effort we do not always have.

No longer do we as consumers need to make choosing healthy a choice - working with Larder360 you will be working directly with local producers in your area - with access to all the fresh local produce as you need. Delivered direct to your home or office door step.

Our community of local producers and products are names you know and trust at your local produce market. We provide fresh local fish - beef - lamb - pork - poultry - organic salmon - along with a range of organic chocolate and other yummy deserts.

We hope you support our local producers - all comments are welcome - our goal is to improve the current food supply system - and to provide you an alternative solution to complete your produce orders.

Managed By Local Producers To Connect With Consumers

As a local producer Brendan faced the same challenges as his peers working in the current food supply system. The current food system only benefits the distributors and large super market chains who are solely driven on profit margin - not quality of product delivered to the local consumer.

He knew there was an opportunity for change - local consumers want the best fresh produce available at competitive prices - local producers want a closer connection to their consumers and to be fairly compensated for their products.  So after 7 years of research and development he created Larder360 using the latest technology to advance the current food system and complete the local consumer - producer connection.

In every local community our goal is to build a sustainable food platform providing value for everyone - building local food hubs with local produce reduces the amount of transport time and handling ensuring the food you receive is fresh. Less transport reduces unnecessary carbon and other emissions to the environment - providing a greener community.

Why Your Local Producers Created Larder360


friendly farmer - ronan byrne

County Galway

Over a decade in the making, we have created a technology platform to connect consumers direct with their local producers. As a local producer Larder360 provides a new way consumers can source my products direct to their door. For local consumers we provide access to fresh local produce.

Ronan Byrne - Friendly Farmer


gannet fishmongers

County Galway

Sourcing fresh local fish can be difficult, as part of the Larder360 community we can now reach consumers who are not able to meet us at the local market. Working together with other producers we are providing an alternative service for consumers to complete their orders.

Stefan Griesbach - Gannet Fishmongers



County Roscommon

The ability to connect with consumers is very important to all local producers, working as part of the Larder360 community provides another option to make this connection. The platform we have created resolves the current obstacles in making this connection.

Derek Allen - Castlemine Farm


Meet some of Your Larder360 Team

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  • Bill Organ

    Section Leader Larder360, Investor Food-360 Reason for joining Larder360 The overall vision and passion Declan…

Our Core Values as Local Producers at Larder360

Fair Price - Fair Trade

Our products are priced fairly for the producer and consumer. Fair trade at a local level. Supporting good health and well being - zero hunger - responsible consumption and production sustainability.

Climate Action

Starting with the local community and scaling to the global community, we innovate - develop - and implement ideas and technology to reduce carbon and other emissions from the environment. We want to provide fresh local produce in a green world.

High Quality Standards

Our main goal is to provide the highest quality foods from the local region. Only approved local food producers make the grade to build sustainable food communities. We support local producers with research - innovation and infrastructure to continually improve.

Fresh Every Week

We source your food fresh to order so you only receive the best. We work with our local producers to ensure only the highest quality of products arrive to your office or home door. What we look for in our products - locally produced - natural - premium quality - artisan - free range or organic.