Our Top Lunch Tips! #Larder360DoesLunch

Lunching, be it at home, in the office or dining out can sometimes be tricky. You want to get in lots of nutrients, to fill yourself until dinner, but there is a fine line between eating enough for lunch and too much. As part of our #Healthy January theme, we'll give you all the ideas and information you need to be uber healthy this January and beyond!

#1 Meal Prep

"Fail to prepare, prepare to fail."

A little over dramatic, I know, but in all honesty, by preparing your lunches, or at least planning ahead, takes so much of the hassle out of lunching. I love cooking up some Inca Allpa Quinoa and adding lots of tasty roasted or raw veg from Green Earth Organics. Doing up a big bowl will usually last me three days and that way I haven't to think about what to have for lunch for over half the week. For some added flavour and goodness, throw in some Shines Albacore Tuna on the day you'll be eating your lunch (keep this separate until you eat it) and you're including some fantastic Omega-3 fats to your lunch!

#2 Pasture Reared Protein

Eating wholesome, fulfilling food is most important when it comes to keeping healthy. We love The Friendly Farmer Chicken breasts here at Larder360! Roast them in the oven the night before and slice to put into sandwiches, or on top of salads. Had you chicken for your dinner last night? Why not have some leftovers, heated up? Healthy eating isn't that hard if you plan ahead! Pair it with some potatoes and roasted veg to fill you up and keep you going until dinner time.

#3 Ready or Not, it's Lunchtime!

At Larder360, we aim to make life as 15726295_1404967569534404_1781784631132073802_neasy and as healthy for you as possible, and thanks to Yum Tree Kitchen we can offer you some amazing ready meals, soups and sides. Many of these are Gluten-Free, some are vegetarian or vegan, but all yummy! Why not enjoy some Caveman Grub Paleo Friendly Bread with some soup? The perfect light lunch that's both nutritious and tasty.

#4 Quick Lunch

Sometimes, we just need a warm lunch that doesn't take an age to prepare. That's why we love using Kinvara Smoked Salmon for lunches! They have some amazing recipes on their website, including this, Smoked Salmon and Feta Frittata. Healthy and tasty, what more do we want?

#5 Tea Break Tip

Ideas for elevenses are always hard, but Caveman Grub helps make the choices that bit easier. Here, at the office, we're obsessed with their Paleo Friendly, No Grain-Ola Bars and super easy Brownie Mix. Pretty much guilt-free treats, we're there!

CoffeeOf course, elevenses are nothing without a cuppa, so try out some of the amazing blends from Anam Coffee. The fantastic aromas, send us to coffee heaven every time.



So there it is, our top 5 lunch tips, showing you just how easy it is to eat healthy, with Larder360. Remember, all the products above are available on our website, Larder360.com!

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