Our Top Breakfast Tips! #Larder360DoesBreakfast


Happy New Year, one and all, we hope 2017 is a healthy and successful one for everyone! We're happy to be back, once we have our healthy breakfast that is!

Speaking of healthy, this January, we, at Larder360, are on a mission to arm you with the best breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas and tips. Our theme this month is #healthyJanuary motivating you to stay healthy, this month and every month. So to kick it all off, we've compiled some of our best morning tips and breakfast ideas, from our table to yours.

#1 Water, Water Everywhere

It's so important to keep hydrated during the day, aim to drink 2-3 litres of water everyday. But in the mornings, to kick off your metabolism, have a pint of water, either warm or cold, and a couple slices of lemon in it. This is also great to help clear out your system and get it ready for the day ahead! You can use your lemons from Green Earth Organics fruit bags to kick off your day!

#2 Chia Wouldn't Wanna Be Ya

We love having a warm breakfast in our bellies, especially on these cold, cold mornings. For an added kick to your porridge, we add Chia Seeds from Inca Allpa. The seeds absorb liquid (we use milk when making our porridge) and are full of lots of healthy benefits, to help keep you going hours after your scrumptious breakfast! For even more goodness, add some berries or fruit (we love the Bramley Apple Sauce from Gran Grans Foods) and some more seeds, like sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and flaxseed.


#3 Fuelled By Coffee Tea, and Herbal Ones at that

I don't know about you, but I find myself drinking far too much coffee during the year, so I make a conscious decision to reduce my caffeine intake and increase my drinking of herbal and decaffeinated teas. We're so lucky to have a great supplier like Elmtree Organics who have some fantastic healthy teas, helping us on our way to a more healthy less caffeinated us!

But, if you are in the mood for some good coffee, Anam Coffee has a great range of Irish-roasted coffee on the Larder360 website!

#4 Egg-cellent Breakfasts

Did you know that Green Earth Organics also supply us with organic eggs? Why not whip up a fulfilling and healthy omelette using some of their amazing quality veg? I love adding tomatoes, peppers and onion to my omelette. A breakfast sure to keep me going till lunchtime.

*Top Tip: Add some Kinvara Smoked Salmon to your omelette for added flavour!

#5 Cheeky Breakkie

Of course none of us can be good all the time. Grill some Castlemine Farm sausages and rashers, and some tomatoes, for a more guilt-free breakfast. For extra brownie points on the health front, try some Caveman Grub Paleo Bread. We can assure you, you'll love it more than a greasy full Irish!

So there you have it, our tips to get through breakfast time, while still keeping healthy. Our goal is to keep this habits going until December, be part of our community and join us in getting healthier!

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