Hens a force for good

We aim to have sustainability and health and the centre of all business decisions we take. We are certified organic by IOFGA.

Hens A Force For Good

Last week we took our first delivery of fresh organic eggs from a farmer down the road.  He has embarked on the courageous path of starting his own organic business. The eggs are fantastic, we are very happy with them and I am delighted that we have a local organic egg producer literally down the road. I hope you will enjoy the eggs too.

I have known John for a while and I found myself dwelling on a few ideas as we debated the business decision to take his eggs. Yes there were real business issues that needed to be clarified such as price and reliability of supply. These are crucial to the success of the arrangement but they have to be tempered with the fact that we are dealing with another human being and his livelihood. This isn't some big food corporation. This is a small farmer selling organic eggs to us, and I know him.

It is impossible today to know everybody who supplies our food, and we have rightly developed an armoury of mistrust to protect ourselves from the mistruths about our food and the aggressive promotion and encouragement to buy stuff we really don't need.

It is a sad fact of modern day life that the trust we so highly valued and took for granted as children has been eroded by modern day living, todays media has a large part to play in this. However, as I ruminated on the more philosophical parts of the agreement with John and his organic eggs, I wondered does it have to be like this and is there something we can do to salvage that trust and openness?

Every interaction we have with other living creatures on the planet whether they may be plants, animals or other human beings can create a positive or negative outcome.

We are all traveling in the same direction and it is how we treat others that will ultimately determine our own happiness and success.

This is also true in business.  We don't have to be  defensive and protective in our relationships with our suppliers. It is only through good relationships that we can mutually grow. It isn't always easy to maintain this path of openness, but there isn't anything else our planet and the human race needs more of right now than openness honesty and trust.

Business can be a powerful force for good.  When the power of business is wielded to chase profit to the detriment of all else you generate mistrust, exploitation and environmental destruction.  But when it is used to build a community with the shared aim of moving towards a more open and sustainable future then it can be an unstoppable force for good.

There is a great sense of moving forward on the farm at the moment.  The food is being grown, the fields are being tilled, the plants are being transplanted and they are flourishing.

There is also a great sense of positive motion with local suppliers arriving with big crates of lettuce and spuds and scallions and eggs. Orla is a small grower a few miles away supplying us with lettuce, radish (soon) and potatoes, Padraig is supplying us with lettuce, scallions and beetroot. We have our own salad and spinach and loads more on the cusp of being ready for harvest from our own farm and of course there is John bringing his eggs to the farm every week.

Please help us maintain this forward momentum especially now as we head into the summer.  We really need your support.



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